Helping Investors and Businesses Accelerate Growth.

Collaborative. Transformative. Entrepreneurial.

KNFH Group, LLC. (“KNFH”) is a diversified private investment and financial services firm. KNFH’s principal business objective is to meet the diverse needs of our clients and investment partners by generating income value from our diverse portfolio of real estate, alternative assets, securities, and customized financial solutions in markets where risk return fundamentals and opportunities are favorable.

KNFH’s customized financial solutions provide access to capital markets for startups and small-medium sized companies seeking debt, equity or hybrid capital financing.

KNFH Group strives to meet the diverse needs of our clients and believes teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit, and determination are fundamental to how we approach every opportunity. This business philosophy is our pledge of integrity, transparency and commitment to our employees, clients, and partners.

diversified investment and financial services firm