Environmental, Social, and Governance

ESG Policy Statement

We believe that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues can influence business risk and return and, therefore, incorporate ESG risk considerations into our fundamental business and investment analysis. ESG factors are wholly integrated into KNFH’s decision-making and are a central part of their research. KNFH Group believes in a holistic methodology to assessing risk and opportunity enhances our investment process.
At KNFH Group, we believe the inclusion of issues related to sustainable and responsible investing are essential for a comprehensive understanding of both risk and opportunity.
Environmental – Unsustainable or controversial environmental policies may lead to financial penalties, compromised reputation, competitive disadvantage, and negative implications for growth.
Social – Poor labor practices or human rights violations may put companies or countries at risk of unrest or upheaval, impairing economic progress.
Governance – Insufficient governance may promote an environment that ignores investor rights and interests while enabling fraud or corruption, limiting investment returns and exacerbating risks.
KNFH recognize that relevant and material ESG issues can profoundly influence investment and operational performance. Consistent with both objectives, our process includes a cohesive assessment of dynamics that support responsible and sustainable investment and operational practices.
KNH Business Ethics and Compliance Framework
At the core of this framework is a strong governance and risk compliance framework. This framework is supported by procedures and systems to ensure that we apply high levels of personal and professional integrity. With the support of our risk and compliance function, we have put in place policies and procedures including a code of conduct and an assessment of potential clients, identification and monitoring of our clients as well as ongoing training throughout our company to ensure  the highest standards of compliance are embedded across our operations.
KNFH will not enter into, or maintain relationships with individuals or organizations engaged in, or suspected of having engaged in, illegal or activities, which go against our code of ethics. New clients are accepted in accordance with applicable laws, rules and standards on money laundering and terrorist financing, and international sanctions but in accordance with our risk appetite policy. We do not accept clients activities involving money laundering, corruption or bribery, child labor, and forced labor.
People and Culture
At KNFH, fostering openness, sustainability, and respect are our strategic objectives. We value everyone and strive to work as one team. We invest in our people and their work environment by creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and ensuring ongoing professional and personal development.
We strive to create a workplace where there is mutual trust and respect and where every person feels responsible for the performance and reputation of our company. We respect one another and each other’s individual rights and customs. We work towards achieving a diverse workforce, recruiting, employing and promoting people based on objective criteria and the qualifications and abilities needed for the job to be performed.
We endlessly engage with our people to translate our core values into action. We do this through communications and engagement, information and consultation to assist them in realizing their full potential.
We promote integrity and professionalism throughout KNFH and pride ourselves in leading by example and setting the right tone from the top of our organization. We consider ourselves to be personable and approachable and hold these attributes as being key when putting our core values into actions.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We encourage our people to give back to their local communities, whether it is time, effort or a financial contribution. Our key focus areas are the community, health, education and the environment. It’s important that we play our part to build a better world for current and future generations.